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Band Biographies

    News Flash! I am extremely saddened to announce the passing of Mike Jones, Dec. 31, 2012, 

 No one can take the place of Michael (he was one of a kind!), he will surely be missed by myself and fans of the band. R.I.P. Michael, and God bless my brother and friend.

Lawrence "Lc" Gray

             BoFunkaDacious continues on!

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               "Our Middle Name is Funk" 

                          "Classic OLD SKOOL Plus"


Lawrence "LC" Gray

Leader/Bassist/Vocalist for BoFunkaDacious.

Lawrence has been involved with the music scene since the mid 60's. Starting out as a lead singer in high school and later moving on to bass guitar in the 70's. Lawrence has played throughout the Northwest and Canada as well as a short stint on the East Coast. He decided to start his own group in the 90's.The band went through variations, the result of which is BoFunkaDacious. Lawrence states, "I'm very proud and satisfied with the band in it's present form, we have been continuously performing for 19+ years and plan on many more"

Mike "Uncle Funky" Jones

Keyboardist/Vocals for BoFunkaDacious.

Mike has also been in the music scene since the mid 60's and comes from the era where you had to be able to PLAY if you wanted to eat. YES, THIS MAN CAN PLAY and ENTERTAIN! Throughout his long and illustorus career Mike has been associated as well as played with many of the best known Blues, R&B, and Jazz artist of the 20th Century, including Benny Latimore,Dorthy Moore, The Spinners, George Benson, Geroge Duke, et al.


 "It's Not The Size of the Band...

  It's The Music that Matters"